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San Diego Restylane / Fillers:

The introduction of the Hyaluronic Acid Products has revolutionized the treatment of facial wrinkles. The two most popular are Restylane and JUVÉDERM®. They are soft dermal fillers that restore volume and fullness to the skin that typically occurs with aging.

Restylane has been used worldwide for over 20 years and has shown to be extremely safe. Both products can be used anywhere on the face to fill wrinkles or as a technique to enhance the size and shape of the lips.

There is minimal discomfort and the results are visible immediately. Normal side effects are redness and bruising that may last for several days. Results last 6-9 months in some individual.


 Restylane Before and After Pictures

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a natural, synthesized and fully degradable FDA approved hyaluronic acid that has been used in Europe for years.

How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane contains hyaluronic acid in the form of a crystal-clear gel. It is injected into the skin to lift the lip, wrinkle or fold. Once in your skin, Restylane creates colume, resulting in a healthy and vital appearance. When injected into the lip it can restore a more natural and/or sunsuous look.  In contrast to other biodegradable implants, Restylane is not extracted from animals. This means no risk of allergic reaction. Therefore, Restylane is perfectly safe to use instantly without pre-testing.

If you would like to look younger and more relaxed but are not ready for surgery, please give our office a call and schedule your free Restylane consultation in one of our four convenient San Diego locations.

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