It looks that many people are unhappy with their bodies in some shape or another. Women especially can be terribly hard on themselves about their appearance. If you should happen to feel your social life is affected adversely by your appearance, there are options you must debate with a medical professional.

Pear Shapes (proportionately larger hips, quads, and bum).

Consider mixing a Zerona laser treatment and liposuction in the hip, thigh, and buttocks area and work with a personal trainer to target those areas of difficulty.

You can also balance out your proportions by considering breast augmentation if your pear shape is more because of the fact that undefined a smaller chest than your hips.

Apple Shapes (bigger mid-section, slim hips, legs and ass)

Apple shapes can consider Zerona laser treatments to blast away fat from the mid-section. Liposuction is another choice if more drastic measures are desired.

For those who have mostly won the battle of the mid-section but are sad about the absence of feminine curves in the hip and buttock area, you can consider cosmetic surgery to level the proportions and make your waist appear even smaller.

Banana Shapes (straight, tubular shape short of any curves)

This shape will be fascinating for sportsmen because there undefined much to get in the way of speed for swimming, running, and other sports.

However , for those that desire a way more feminine appearance, adding slightly more in the breast and hip area will supply an hourglass appearance

For the women who are comfortable in their own skin with no regard for their shape, kudos! For people that feel that they would gain advantage from changing what nature gave them, give yourself kudos for having the confidence to do what makes you ecstatic. Contact a professional doctor and discover a new you.

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