Slowing Down Aging: 5 Tips To Looking And Feeling Younger

Everyone ages, but the rate at which we age is not fixed. A lot depends on the choices that we make throughout our lives. Of course, there’s no fountain of youth or magical pill to stop Father Time, but making some good choices can make you look and feel older or younger than we really are. If you want to look and feel younger than your peers, try these five simple tips.

Eat Sensibly and Feel Younger, It All Starts with a balanced diet

San Diego Anti-Aging ProgramWell you have heard it a million times, “You are what you eat” and you have heard it for good reason, its true. A well balanced diet is crucial to a healthy body. If you want to look twice your age, try a diet of beer and potato chips. If you want like a model, get some spring water and vegetables. A poor diet accelerates the aging process and often results in age-inducing illnesses. If perpetual youth is your goal, eat green and red vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, garlic, ginger and plenty of berries. You’ll have more energy and you’ll look younger.

Drink Water–Hydrate with the natural stuff that your ancestors drank

Every single cell in our body requires water to function properly. Even mild dehydration produces stress on your body, affecting energy levels, cognitive skills, your muscles and skin. Want lots of wrinkles? Just avoid drinking water. Want good muscle tone and smooth sexy skin? A bottle of water is about as close as you’ll ever get to the fountain of youth. Water is probably the most important deterrent to the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles that make us look old and haggard.

Exercise–Muscle tone looks great

You don’t have to train like an Olympian, but moderate exercise is essential to good health and a youthful appearance. A consistent exercise routine will control your blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight. It will also boost your immune system. If you exercise outside in the sun, you’ll get the additional benefit of producing vitamin D from the sun.

Sleep–Make your zzz’s a priority

Your body needs sleep. Sleep may seem like a passive process, but it’s actually an active process that rejuvenates your body. Sleep allows your mind to reboot and process. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re far more likely to become a grumpy old-timer. Even if you want to appear young and energetic, without enough sleep, your thinking processes will slow down dramatically and your alertness will suffer immensely.

Attitude–Keep a positive outlook

Look on the bright side of life. You’ll feel happier and have a greater sense of well being. That will make you appear younger. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Worry will age you well beyond your years. If you want to feel young, think positively.

Looking and feeling younger is really a simple matter of taking care of your body and enjoying life.

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Are You Overdoing It With Fast Food?

Forty-two percent of Americans eat fast food at least every other day. People consume more calories and receive less nutrition at drive-thru and junk food restaurants than in any other meal situation. Perhaps fast food can be a small part of a healthy eating plan, but most people simply eat way too much of the stuff.

San Diego Weight Loss ProgramAccording to a recent article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Americans’ overindulgence in junk food and drive-thru restaurants, means that nearly half of the US population is eating junk food three times or more each week! This report reveals that young people, those 10 to 39 years old, eat the most fast food. In the past, such adolescents have only eaten fast food about twice weekly. Fast food consumption is on the rise!

What effect does this have on overall diet? Children, adolescents and adults who consume junk food consistently eat far less fruit, vegetables, dairy and legumes than those who avoid the junk food restaurants all together. Fast food eaters chow down on more fried foods (french fries with that?) and slurp down more sugary soft drinks (biggie size that?). More fast food means that consumption of calories, saturated fat and sodium go up, while intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and fiber all go down.

Of course, junk food doesn’t absolutely have to equal a poor diet. But when people feel under time-pressure or when they are away from home, they tend to see convenience and “survival” food as the immediate priority. Healthy eating usually goes out the window. Some fast food restaurants are beginning to offer “healthier” choices on their menu. One sometimes even finds vegetable and low-fat options being expanded.

Still, the buying habits revealed in this study did not show people opting for healthier fast food options. This report suggests that people should begin choosing from today’s lower-fat options and should reduce their fast food consumption of calories, fat, and saturated fat. Even choosing diet drinks or water at such places can save an immense load of calories.

Also when you go to eat drive-thru food, think carefully about portion size of all meat, fries, and dressings. It’s okay to order a “small!” At about 200 calories, you won’t overdo it like you would with a 600 calorie jumbo size. The drive-thru food industry’s “value marketing” strategy leads many consumers to think that they are saving money by ordering very large portions for only slightly higher cost. That strategy just means that you are paying more to overeat! Where’s the savings in that?

At San Diego Anti-Aging we offer an affordable weight loss program that boasts over a 97% success rate! Call us now to find out more!

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Tips On What You Should Exect When Recovering From A Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, requires some recovery time just like any other surgery. A tummy tuck can offer amazing results, but the procedure entails major surgery. With that being said It does come with a certain amount of risks. So in order to have your post surgery recovery go smoothly you should be prepared for these issues and risks.

A Certain Amount of Pain

A tummy tuck involves cutting of the skin, removing fatty tissue, and rearranging muscle tissue. That will mean some level of pain and dicomfort during recovery. So be prepared for this pain and discomfort, especially right after your surgery. You will be given and will definately probably need some pain medications. Even with these medications you still may expect some level of post operative pain but is usually pretty minor.

Stomach Tightness

Expect your stomach muscles to feel tighter than they did before your procedure. Immediately after your surgery, you will almost have a compression garment wrapped around your stomach, adding to this feeling.


Open wounds often drain. You should anticipate the likelihood of having some small drainage tubes placed under your skin to help prevent fluids collecting in the area where your surgery was focused. You will likely have temporary swelling. Any drainage tubes should be removed within a week after your surgery.

Walking It Off!

Even though you will be sore and will find standing uncomfortable, your doctor will encourage you to get up and walk around as soon as possible after surgery. Mild exercise, like walking, promotes healthy blood circulation and helps to prevent blood clots.

Avoid Heavy Lifting and Bending!

Both bending over and lifting objects are taboo! Such movements could cause damage to your tender abdominal area. Schedule a post-operative appointment with your plastic surgeon and don’t lift anything until your doctor okays it.

Enjoy Your Slim New Look!

Over the course of a few weeks, your body will begin healing. Bruises and swelling will subside. After only a few months, you will begin to get a clearer picture of your new abdomen. The residual tightness and numbness will have subsided and your incision will have faded from a reddish color a more natural skin tone. Avoid exposing your scar to direct or excessive sun.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions!

You may not like it. You will probably want to “push yourself” to do more. But follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter in order to avoid unnecessary pain and complications after your surgery.

Although a Tummy Tuck is a pretty major surgery, if you follow these key suggestions then you will recover more rapidly and with less pain and chance of complications.

But you do have to understand that with any surgery, complications can occur following a tummy tuck procedure. These can include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, fluid collections and wound healing problems. Some of these may even require additional surgery. Always make sure to discuss these possible complications with your surgeon in detail during your initial consultation.

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