• Does Laser Spider Vein Treatment Cause Hyperpigmentation?
    2012-12-21 10:00:41 by Dr. Charles Sarosy

    Varicose veins and “spider veins” can not only be unsightly, but they can also be itchy and uncomfortable.  Both issues are the two most common reasons why women and men seek treatments to eliminate them.  A concern that often is brought up at a spider vein laser therapy consultation is that of hyperpigmentation.  Can it happen to you? Those with darker skin often are concerned that they may suffer from hypopigmentation (a permanent lightening of the skin) and those with lighter skin are ...

  • Make-Believe and the Real Deal in Cosmetic Surgery and Alternatives
    2012-10-16 13:51:59 by Dr. Charles Sarosy

    While anyone you ask will most likely know that there are many cosmetic and wellness products on the market that are either ineffective or downright harmful, the “beauty in a bottle” industry is thriving. Someone is biting…a lot of someone’s. So how can you seek alternative solutions to costly surgical and cosmetic procedures and not be taken for a ride? It starts with reading what the claims are and researching ingredients and results. 1. Weight Loss Since ancient times, people have sough...

  • Helpful Tips On Making an Informed Decision about Cosmetic Surgery
    2012-08-30 10:25:51 by Dr. Charles Sarosy

    Cosmetic or plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. No matter how desperate you are to change something about your appearance, you need to carefully explore all your options and understand the facts behind the reality of the surgery rather than glamorizing it and imagining a long-time Hollywood career behind it. It is even wise to spend a little time with a psychologist who has experience with people making decisions about cosmetic surgery and alterations. Understand that your choices will either...

  • New Mom, New Body, With A Mommy Makeover
    2012-08-09 09:25:42 by Dr. Charles Sarosy

    New mothers have so many wonderful and exciting things to look forward to with the new addition to the family. However, they also have new body issues that they perhaps had not dealt with in the past. New mothers often feel badly about how they look in the mirror after childbirth. Some women experience stretch marks, sagging lower belly issues, or breasts that seem to adhere the laws of gravity too much. Mommy Makeovers There are some cosmetic surgeons that offer a “Mommy Makeover” in ...

  • How to Decide if Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You
    2012-07-26 12:51:45 by Dr. Charles Sarosy

    How to Decide if Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You...

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